The biography of Judit Bardos

She was born in Budapest in 1950.
In 1973 she graduated at the University ELTE of Budapest with a degree in Hungarian and Russian. In 1980 she earned also a degree in philosophy at the same University. After having obtained, in 1978, a doctoral degree (Dr. univ.) in Aesthetics, she attained a Ph. D. in 1996 in the same subject.
Since 1973 she is a lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics of the Arts Faculty of the University ELTE of Budapest. She gives lectures and special seminars in general aesthetics, motion picture aesthetics and history of East-European and Italian motion picture. Her main research field is the film theory of the Russian formalist school and Eisenstein. In these topics she published a number of studies in Hungarian, English and Italian and edited several collective volumes.

Some of her publications:

  • Russian Formalists and Film Art.
    In: Jeff Bernard, Gloria Withalm(Eds), Film: Signs & Discourse. Europian Journal for Semiotic Studies. Wien, 1990/1-2.
  • György Lukács and the Art of film (On a Chapter of his Characteristics of Aesthetic Quality).
    In: Jeff Bernard - János Kelemen (Hg.), Zeichen, Denken, Praxis. Österreichisch-Ungarische Dokumente zur Semiotik und Philosophie. Wien-Budapest, 1990.
  • I formalisti russi e l’arte del cinema (in Italian)
    Il canocchiale, Roma 1993/2. 113-126.
  • Béla si dimentica delle forbici. (In italian)
    Lumiére, Roma 1994/7-8. 19-22.
  • György Lukács e il cinema. (In italian.)
    Tempo presente, Roma 1994. Nr 168. 60-66.
  • Ironie und Geschichte in Eisensteins "Oktober". In: Gesellschaftliche Reproduktion und kulturelle Innovation. Aus semiotischer Sicht. Editor: Jeff Bernard. Institut für Sozio-Semiotische Studien ISSS, Wien, 2006.